7 Benefits of Sea Water- Vitamin Sea

7 Benefits of Seawater- Vitamin Sea.

When we go to the beach, we feel relaxed and happy, is it a placebo affect or is it much more than that? Studies now show that visiting the sea regularly has a positive impact on your health. We shouldn’t just wait for the summer season but try and to make regular trips to the sea for our own health.

Here are 7 super benefits of visiting the sea regularly.


  1. Seawater is a natural healer

Seawater helps to promote a healthy immune system as it contains minerals salts and vitamins and amino acids to aid the body. Is it also antibacterial so it aids healing and cleanses the skin.

The mist produced from the waves splashing produces negatively charged ions, which boost immunity and are good for the body. If you consider that many things around us produce positively charged ions (which are negative for the body), such as computers, televisions, cell-phones and many other electrical items around us. The negative ions help to counteract the impact of the positive ions, similar to Himalayan salt lamps, which also emit negative ions.

Having a swim or splashing around in the sea, increases red blood cells by approximately between 5-20%. This is extremely beneficial for those with a weakened immune system and anaemia.

Seawater may slow help slow down rheumatism and is amazing for circulatory problems such as arthritis and muscle pain.

2. Seawater helps to reduce anxiety

Due to its rich magnesium content, sea water is immensely calming. Sea therapy is beneficial for people who live stressful lives, for its soothing and calming properties. Magnesium is known to relax muscles, reduce stress and promote good sleep. Magnesium acts as a nerve depressant to relieve nerve irritability and increase a sense of peacefulness and calmness, according to author J.I. Rondale.

Magnesium is actually the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body and is absolutely crucial for muscle function and other functions. By spending some time in the water, allows your skin to absorb the magnesium it needs.

3. Seawater aids respiration

People have reported that seawater helps their respiratory conditions, such as asthma, cough as the salt water aids elimination of toxins from the body and lungs.

Ancient Greeks used to soak in seawater filled pools and tubs for overall health and well-being.

Seas air helps you breathe better as the sea air contains is enriched in magnesium, and other elements that may stimulate the immune system, and aids clearing up airways which may also help with asthma.

4.  Seawater aids blood circulation

Paddling or swimming in seawater may help blood circulation. Thalassotherapy is becoming more popular, this is a warm seawater therapy, which is used to promote and increase blood circulation. Bathing in warm seawater improves blood circulation by restoring essential minerals that have been depleted by lack of good nutrition, environmental toxins and stress.

5. Aids arthritic pain by water exercise

People who suffer from arthritis makes it difficult for them to exercise in a normal way. By exercising in the water, there is less strain on joints as the water carries you and your weight. People with arthritis and joint or muscle pain are able to work out in the water with reduced pain which helps them stay physically active.

6. Walking barefoot on sand is good for your body


Your feet have more nerve endings and sweat glands than any other part of your entire body. When you walk barefoot in nature and on the stand, it may help to stimulate these nerve endings. Walking barefoot in nature and on the sand or walking on ripples of the sea-water also helps you also feel grounded and reduces the positively charged ions in your body, which helps our body’s defences.

7. Promotes a sense of calmness


Scientists have discovered the “blue mind”, which means our brains are wired to react positively to water, so spending time by the ocean will promote a sense of calm and peace. By simply, watching, listening or being y the ocean allows the brain to rest and releases happiness chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, the ‘happiness’ chemicals.

In addition, being by the vast emptiness and openness of the sea allows one’s mind to automatically calm from the stresses of modern life and technology and allows us to unplug. It also allows us to reflect on the vastness of creation from the point of the vastness of the sea which seems never-ending when we look at it and creates a sense of awe and reverence for the Almighty too.

So next time you are thinking about how to de-stress and relax, instead of perhaps watching a movie, get yourself some Vitamin Sea,  you will feel better for it.

If you are struggling to get to the sea, why not bring the sea to you (although it is not the same) but invest in some Himalyan Salt Lamps around your house.






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