Fantastic traditional hot drink recipe to help you sleep better

Fantastic traditional hot drink recipe to help you sleep better

If you find it hard to wind down and relax before sleeping, try this soothing hug in a mug! My mum used to make a variation of this milk when I was little and it was one of the soothing and most comforting drinks I remember having as a child. I still make it once in a while before sleeping. It really does help unwind and I really don’t think it is a placebo effect. It definitely helps me relax at night and aids my sleep. You don’t have to use cows milk but can use alternatives too such as almond, hemp or cashew.

traditional hot drink to sleep better


In traditional Ayurveda medicine, warm milk is a traditional remedy for sleeplessness. But please do not use the microwave for this, it should be done on a pan. This recipe is good for people during the autumn and winter seasons when the weather is colder as it is a warming drink, especially beneficial for people who feel cold more.


What are the benefits of the ingredients used in the warm milk drink?

Turmeric – a powerful anti-inflammatory and a very strong antioxidant

Cinnamon – Lowers and stabilises blood sugar levels and may aid in the reduction of heart disease

Cardamom – amazing antioxidant, may help lower blood pressure

Nutmeg – a natural sleep aid, may help blood circulation and is a natural pain reliever

Ashwagandha (optional- if you have is better) – an adaptogenic root herb that helps the nervous system and may aid anxiety and promotes a sense of calm, may aid blood sugar levels

Ginger – warming and aids to assimilate all ingredients into your system and is a natural anti-inflammatory

Honey – a natural sweetener and rich in antioxidants

How to make the relaxing, nourishing bed-time drink:


1 cup of whole milk, preferably organic and/or raw or unsweetened nut milk such as almond, hemp or cashew

½ teaspoon cinnamon or a little twig of cinnamon (which you take out when you drink)

½ teaspoon turmeric

¼ teaspoon ground Ashwaganda (optional as many people don’t have this at home, but it’s really good it you can get some)

A pinch of ground cardamom or two small whole cardamoms (which you stain out at end)

A pinch of ground ginger (optional)

Pinch of ground nutmeg or grate a little whole nutmeg

Tiny pinch of black pepper

1 teaspoon organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil or ghee (ghee is actually a good fat for you)

1 teaspoon of honey (raw and organic is best)

A few strands of saffron (optional)

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Simmer all ingredients in a saucepan on a low heat, cook for 10 minutes on a low heat. It is important to try and simmer for 10 minutes to benefit your body. Remove from heat and strain if you have used any whole ingredients. Pour into a cup and wait to cool slightly before adding the honey (you don’t want the honey to lose its nutrients by placing it in very hot milk). Give it a stir and sip before bedtime.

You will feel like you are getting a hug from a mug- honestly and kids love it too!


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