Top 6 benefits of why you should use a facial sauna

Top 6 benefits of why you should use a facial sauna.

If you one of those people that take care of their skin and follow a strict skincare routine, then you probably: cleanse, exfoliate (depending on skin type weekly or two or three times per week), tone, moisturise, use a sunscreen and a weekly face mask.

You can also consider facial steaming to improve your skin health.

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should consider facial steaming weekly:

1. It opens pores

nose sauna pores

The steam in a facial sauna opens and cleanses your pores to release any impurities lurking beneath. People who suffer from skin conditions like acne or breakouts often have clogged pores which cause this and can lead to further skin issues. Whether you are prone to breakouts or not, it is still a good idea to steam your face regularly whether you are prone to acne or not. The steam opens pores which release the debris within them. Those with severe acne or other skin conditions should consult a doctor before trying facial steaming.

2. Leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated

Facial saunas open pores and leave skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. Steaming your face helps release impurities from beneath the skin’s surface to achieve younger-looking skin.

3. Makes facial treatments more effective

When you warm the surface of the skin and open up pores, it makes your facial treatments more effective as the skin absorbs the treatments more easily such as face masks, serums and creams.

4. Easier to remove debris

Once your pores have opened, it is easier to remove any excess debris trapped within the pore and the perspiration helps remove toxins from the skin.

5. Increases blood flow

Facial saunas help to loosen blackheads and increase blood flow and circulation to skin surface resulting in increased oxygen to the surface and more of a skin glow. When you steam your face it triggers a thermoregulating response, this basically means that your blood vessels dilate so more blood flows to the skin. When you have more blood flowing to your skin, it delivers more oxygen and more nutrients to the skin tissue resulting in glowing skin.

6. Promotes relaxation



Facial steaming is a wonderful way to promote relaxation. If you add a few essential oils or herbs to the water, you can benefit from the calming effects of the aromatherapy oils.

How to do a facial steam at home:


You can try any of these three methods:

  1. Use a facial steamer – There are many of these available online and in stores of varying prices. They all essentially work the same way. The deliver the right amount of steam to your face so you won’t damage your skin. They are easy to use, typically you just add water and switch on.
  2. Use a bowl of steaming water – Boil a pot of water then pour carefully into a large bowl. Place it in a safe place perhaps a kitchen table or dressing table where you can comfortably sit and place your face over the steam of the bowl. Be careful not to put your face too close to the steam. It should not feel like your skin is burning. Place a town over your head to trap the steam. Enjoy!
  3. Steaming with warm towels –  This is the least common method but can still be useful. Get some clean towels and soak them in hot water, wring them out and allow to cool to a suitably comfortable temperature. Place them on your face.

Useful tips:

  • Steam your face for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Only steam once a week
  • Add an essential oil for relaxation or skin rejuvenating properties, or a green tea bag or herbs.
  • If you have a serious skin condition like rosacea or severe ache, then consult a doctor prior to doing facial steaming at home

Best essential oils for facial steaming:

essential oils

Eucalyptus – helps relieve nasal congestion, coughs and colds and acne

Chamomile – soothes irritated skin

Lavender – calming effect and helps with relaxation and insomnia

Clary Sage – good for balancing oily skin and restoring skins pH balance

Rosemary – powerful astringent and reduces skin oiliness and sebum that blocks pores

Tea Tree oil – natural astringent and antibacterial, great for spots, outbreaks and acne

You may want to consider these aromatherapy starter kits


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