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Let’s face it, parenting is the hottest topic, when you’re a parent! Didn’t we think it would be ‘oh, so simple’ to care for the cutest little bundle of joy, that then grows up to quickly become a teen. From babies, to toddlers, tandrums to grouchy teens and dealing with adolescents. Those that are finding parenting a struggle, or just want more tips on how to improve, then there is plenty for you to get your teeth into here. Don’t worry we cover education too…

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Eat well in Ramadan


Health is wealth- you better believe it! Whether you are a teen, in your twenties or your forties and beyond, we have tips you can use to make those little lifestyle changes that actually stick.

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From looking for a spouse to the honeymoon period and way beyond. Let’s face it, life isn’t a bed of roses (unless you are still in the honeymoon phase- and even then it may be a bumpy ride). We discuss top tips from experts in relationships and counselling that will aid you every step of the way. There are always ways to zest up your love life (obviously in a halal way-;) )

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Halal Holidays

We review halal holiday destinations, along with many tips for choosing the right holiday for you.

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Everyone wants to look and feel good in their own skin. From acne, to oily skin, to wide pores, to eczema, we discuss everything about skin and hair.

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